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    Nad Student Registration : National Academic Depository NAD CVL-NAD

    Nad Student Registration Online Form : National Academic Depository (NAD) is an initiative of Government of India, facilitated by MHRD. NAD is a national database set up to hold academic awards issued by Academic Institutions (AI) in an electronic form.

    Student Registration - CVL-NAD
    National Academic Depository

    NAD CCS Last Date : 25/12/2019 


    • National Academic Depository. An initiative by Government of India Facilitated by Ministry of Human Resource Development
    • Multiple registrations of the same user on NAD are not permissible. Please enter valid email address and mobile number

    ·    The vision of National Academic Depository (NAD) is born out of an initiative to provide an online store house of all academic awards. National Academic Depository (NAD) is a 24X7 online store house of all academic awards viz.certificates, diplomas, degrees, mark-sheets etc.

    What is NAD India?
    National Academic Depository (NAD) is an initiative of Government of India, facilitated by MHRD. NAD is a national database set up to hold academic awards issued by Academic Institutions (AI) in an electronic form

    What is AI name in Nad?
    NAD is a system for Academic Certificates and specifically addresses the needs of the Academic Institutions. NAD does not expect Academic Institution AI) to have an elaborate IT system and infrastructure to support online generation and access to Certificates.

    Salient features of NAD:
    • Operate in fully online mode
    • Allows Academic Institutions to lodge Academic Awards in digital format and maintains the integrity of the awards lodged in CVL NAD.
    • Allow Students to retrieve their lodged academic awards at any time
    • Allow Employers and other persons (with consent of the concerned Student) to verify the authenticity of any Academic Award.
    • Maintain the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the databases

    NAD Benefits

    • Institutional intervention to strengthen Academic Award notification and dissemination.
    • Enhances efficiency in providing services to NAD Stakeholders.
    • Attempts to eliminate undesirable practices such as corruption, manipulation of records, etc. and brings in transparency.
    • Eliminates fake/forged certificates.
    • Helps in Policy formulation with accurate MIS/Analytics.
    ·    "As a Student or Cerficate Holder you can easily and quickly register on NAD using Aadhaar"

    Go To National Academic Depository | Official website
    You can visit NSDL NAD Portal at and select register as a student. You can use your Aadhaar to register on NAD. Upon entering the Aadhaar number, the system verifies the genuineness of the Aadhaar number by sending the details to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India)
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